About HBOT Clinics

HBOT Clinics Inc. has been caring for patients since 1999 as southern Alberta’s only accredited medical facility specializing in hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Our team of hyperbaric physicians works with patients and their referring physicians at treating specific ailments approved by Alberta Health for insurance coverage.

This website is intended to provide you with information on hyperbaric oxygen therapy and answer the most common questions about receiving treatment at HBOT Clinics.

If you would like more information please download our Patient Guide or Physician Guide (PDF viewer required), or contact us directly.


HBOT Clinics is centrally located in Calgary at the Holy Cross site in the community of Mission.

The clinic offers three monoplace (single person) chambers which can be pressurized to a level best suited for the patient’s treatment plan (usually between 2 to 3 times normal atmospheric pressure).

The facility is equipped to handle Handi-Bus, Patient Transport, and Ambulance. There is a paid parking lot on-site and free two-hour street-side parking.


HBOT Clinics is the contract provider of hyperbaric medicine to Alberta Health Services for Calgary and southern Alberta.

The clinic is fully accredited by the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta.

HBOT Clinics treats only those indications approved by Alberta Health, which are covered by the provincial health insurance plan.

Physicians and Staff

All physicians at HBOT Clinics are fully trained in hyperbaric medicine and maintain an active involvement in its clinical applications. HBOT Clinics’ physicians have received training and are experienced in treating patients with pressurized oxygen, and the technicians are experienced in the operation of pressurized chambers.

All of the patient care staff have completed courses certified by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS).


HBOT Clinics is a referral-based clinic, and patients will only be assessed for treatment with a referral from a physician, dentist, or podiatrist for a valid indication.

Referrals can be made using our standardized referral form (PDF viewer required) and faxed into HBOT Clinics at 403-509-4744.